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From the residential home builder to the new industrial warehouse project, Texan Restrooms can accommodate your needs.  The entire fleet of portable restrooms are 2016 and newer PJ3's from PolyJohn. The blue and grey color scheme of our units offers an outstanding appearance on your jobsite.


Texan Restrooms has the ability to cater their services and products to fit the needs of your event, no matter the size. Our fleet of special event units ensures the highest quality and cleanest restrooms available.


These units are the same units you are used to, except they can be hoisted into the air and set on the appropriate floor of the building or raised all the way to the roof. We do ask that for your weekly servicing you bring it back down to earth, so we can properly service your unit for you. We have a lot of hose, just not that much.


These 250 gallon holding tanks are offered by Texan Restrooms for temporary or permanent use at your jobsite or mobile office trailer. You can use one, or connect as many as needed, to ensure sanitary working conditions for your site.


Sanitary conditions and regulations for worksites are becoming more and more demanding. We have you covered with the PolyJohn Bravo sink. These dual-sided hand washing stations hold 22 gallons of fresh water and 24 gallons of grey water. They have built in soap and paper towel dispensers for a total hand washing experience. Want one of these at your job site for the month or just for your weekend event? Check out our pricing page to see how affordable these are as an add on item.


The most convenient and easiest way to keep your hands germ and bacteria free when water is not available. These can be used for your special event or on the commercial jobsite. Check out our pricing page to find out if clean hands are worth the price. We bet you'll say yes.

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